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Get Ready For the Y Mean Minds of the Recession

You might think that generic marketing buzzwords, like “brand awareness”, “exposure”, “top of mind awareness”, and financial “ustainability” are buzzwords of a bygone era. Yet it is clear to me that these are figures describing and quantifying the market for your pet product, whether your dog sitter is named “commercial” or is known as “professional”. […]

The Importance of Web Developers

Being a web developer is not easy. With countless innovative coding techniques, useful life-saving devices, and a constantly shifting market, individuals dedicated to this craftsmanship are hard to find. As programming has become deeper and more specialized, so has the competition. If you are considering becoming a web developer, you need to first understand what […]

Tips on Avoiding Scope Creep

Nearly every IT Service Improvement program suffers from it; scope creep. We’d like to believe we’re doing everything right, but more often than not, teams don’t fully understand their environment and as a result, don’t have a true understanding of what theireworks are producing. Scope Creep is often hardest to avoid. It’s often the result […]